The purpose of the confirmation milestone is to ensure that the candidate receives appropriate feedback in relation to the viability and progress of the thesis project and that the resources required to complete the program of research within the recommended timeframe are available. It is also an opportunity to ensure that the candidate has demonstrated the capacity and capability to successfully complete the thesis in a timely manner.

Structural and hydrodynamic analysis of coral rubble breakage and motion

28 January 2022 12:00pm1:30pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Wen Deng

Towards a rubble stability model to inform coral remediation within the Great Barrier Reef

17 January 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Dongfang Liu

Driving mechanisms for chemical transport and iron transformation in a subterranean estuary

2 December 2021 10:30am11:30am
Confirmation seminar presented by Wenran Cao

Novel methods for the study of dynamic and static behaviour of mass timber floor systems

29 November 2021 2:00pm3:00pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Tomas Bravo Tetlak

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fire-Induced Concrete Spalling Under Biaxial Stresses

27 September 2021 3:30pm4:30pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Souvik Saha
diagram of process

Integrated design of connection systems for modular prefab timber buildings

22 April 2021 1:00pm2:00pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Mr Zidi Yan
wave flume

Swash processes and their role on sediment transport on reef fronted shores

19 February 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Confirmation seminar presented by Alejandro Astorga-Moar