About the school

The University of Queensland's School of Civil Engineering is renowned for teaching and research in water, environmental, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering.

The School conducts undergraduate teaching for a cohort of more than 750 students in the civil engineering disciplines, and shares in the teaching of the first-year curriculum to around 1200 students. 

Graduates of the school can be found all over the world, working at all levels of government and industry. Our alumni are taking leading roles in helping to build cleaner and sustainable industries, provide waste and pollution control and guide improved resource management.

The School is also a leading provider of civil and environmental engineering research, attracting academic staff, researchers, and students from around the world.  

Comprised of 39 academics, including sixteen professors, the school’s staff represents a diverse range of research interests ranging from coastal and hydraulic engineering and structural engineering through to transportation engineering and resource management. The school’s academic staff members are recognised leaders in their areas of specialisation, and receive many invitations to undertake high-level consultancy for industry and government.

Established links between the School and industry have secured a number of strategic partnerships. These partnerships provide funding to further our research priorities and ensure that teaching programs continue to evolve in line with advances in technology and industry requirements. The School is able to provide industry with expertiseresearch collaboration, testing facilities, and the opportunity to engage with students.

International Master of Science In Fire Safety Engineering
The University of Queensland is a proud member of the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering.