Fire safety engineering
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The Fire Safety Engineering research group at The University of Queensland is leading fire safety engineering education, research, and practice by offering state-of-the-art degree programmes, conducting in-depth fundamental research, developing innovative and sustainable design methodologies, and providing consultancy to government and industry.

The UQFire team consists of members with a diverse set of expertise ranging from experimental research in fire science on topics such as ignition of novel timber composites, to large scale integrated simulation of structural-fire scenarios. The team is continuously innovating and tackling emergent research areas that are of importance nationally and internationally, including structural, cladding, timber and battery fire safety. In addition to the many research and teaching activities UQFire leads, the team is continuously collaborating with and providing consulting services to key players from industry and government in relation to high-stakes and high impact fire safety projects.

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Our partnerships

UQFire works closely with Australian government and agencies, as well as local, national and international industry partners and institutions.



Leading Fire Safety Engineering

We address challenges like combustible cladding fires and develop frameworks to quantify fire risks, ensuring occupant safety. Our research covers structural behavior during and after fires, using advanced testing and computer models.