Transport engineering and planning
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Transport Engineering and Planning is a key education and research area in the School of Civil Engineering with a number of established collaborative links with industry and other universities.

The aims are to:

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Shaping the Future of Transportation

Every day, we make choices about how to get from A to B. UQ's transport engineers are dedicated to improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of these movements for both current and future societies.

Major Areas of Transport Expertise



Technology Transfer Activities


Major research support

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, TAP Chair
$2M, 5-yr research and development activities to support the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and to grow transport capability at UQ and in Queensland

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
$2M, 3-yr research and development activities to help grow the port and inform various activities, including transport economics and modelling of freight movements and infrastructure

iMOVE CRC (Cooperative Research Centre)
$233M, 10-yr program of research, development, implementation, education & training to advance intelligent transport systems (ITS) in Australia, focussing on ITS infrastructure, freight & logistics, and personal mobility

Transport and Population Research Network (TPRN)
$1.75M, 5-yr strategic, internal funding from UQ to support inter-disciplinary activities in transport & population research, including civil engineering, IT & electrical engineering, planning & geography, economics

Recent Collaborative Projects

Project Title

External Partners

Lead UQ Transport Researcher

Traffic Operations and Real-Time Modelling

Modelling car following behaviour in the mixed traffic of connected and traditional vehicles

QUT (Ashish Bhaskar and Md. Mazharul Haque)

Anshuman Sharma

Investigation of lane-changing behaviour: A comparative study of connected and traditional vehicles

QUT (Md. Mazharul Haque)

Yasir Ali

Modelling mixed traffic of connected and traditional vehicles


Zuduo Zheng

Develop a control framework and comprehensive simulation platform for cooperative and automated driving


Zuduo Zheng

Finding critical links to estimate a Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram in congested networks


Elham Saffari

Developing Warrants for Implementing Fully-Controlled Right Turns


Emily Plath

Understanding Spatial Dependency Structure in Urban Road Traffic Networks: Methodology and Applications in Short Term Traffic Prediction


Mahmud Hasan

Leveraging urban trajectory data to enhance network-wide real-time traffic flow prediction


Guangxing Wang

Data-driven Simulation of Large Traffic Networks using Trajectory Data


Jiwon Kim

Smart traffic lights: enhanced arterial management leveraging data integration and AI


Mehmet Yildirimoglu

Traveler Behaviour and Strategic Transport Models

Towards an autonomous world: vehicle users' preferences regarding autonomous driving


Sadaf Aminmansour

Public acceptance of self-driving cars


Einat Grimberg

Parking Management in Brisbane



Creating an Age-Friendly Queensland: Age, Transport, and Technology

Dept of Transport and Main Roads; Dept of Communities, Disability Services, and Seniors

Kelly Bertolaccini

Blockchain Application for Vehicle Registration, Licensing, and Ownership


Mark Hickman

An Integrated Demographic and Transport Demand Modelling Framework (ID-TDM)


Carlo Prato, Jiwon Kim

Transport Safety Analysis

Understanding Pedestrian Interactions with Automated Vehicles


Stephanie Balon-Romero

Video Analytics Demonstration Project: 4 Intersections for Transport and Main Roads


Simon Washington

Modelling Driving Behaviour and Safety Risk in Two-Lane Rural Highways in Developing Countries


S. M. Sohel Mahmud

Urban mobility analytics-based crash risk prediction for real-time traffic incident management


Jiwon Kim

Public Transport Planning & Operations

Behavioural Advertising in the Public Transport Network using Smart Card Data


Hamed Faroqi

Analysis of Infrequent Public Transport Users as a Precursor for MaaS

TMR via in-kind data sharing

Mark Hickman

Land Use Changes Associated with Brisbane's Busways


Svitlana Pyrohova

Metrics of Public Transit Reliability based on Passengers' Experience

TMR via in-kind data sharing

Mark Hickman

Simulation Modelling of Busway Improvements in Brisbane


Mark Hickman

Automatic detection and analysis of long-term changes in travel patterns of public transport passengers using Smart Card data


ChunYong Moon

An analytic framework to measure, model and monitor the habitual behaviours of public transport passengers


Jiwon Kim

Freight Transport Modelling

A flexible request model for inland drayage operations

Port of Brisbane, Chalmers Industries Pty Ltd

Mahboobeh Moghaddam

Developing an exact algorithm for optimal planning of drayage operations

Port of Brisbane, Biarri Group

Mahboobeh Moghaddam

Reduce truck delays at teminal gates: An innovation workshop approach

Port of Brisbane

Mahboobeh Moghaddam

Blockchain application for port logistics

Port of Brisbane

Elnaz Irannezhad

Freight agent-based modeling

Port of Brisbane

Elnaz Irannezhad

Freight Data Requirements Study

iMove, DIRDC

Elnaz Irannezhad

Freight and Supply Chain Feasibility Framework for Northern River NSW

SCU, Regional Development australia

Elnaz Irannezhad

Clean Vehicles

Consumer preferences towards electric vehicles


Jake Whitehead

Clean Transport Academic Partnership

Other Aus/NZ universities

Jake Whitehead

Grave-to-cradle analysis of future vehicle drivetrains


Jake Whitehead

Planning electric vehicle charging networks


Jake Whitehead

Charging infrastructure planning for electric heavy vehicles


Jake Whitehead

Impact of government incentives on electric vehicle markets


Jake Whitehead