Confirmation seminar presented by Augusto Riascos R.

Mining operations possess great risks at various levels and the deformation measurement is key to monitoring mine waste facilities (MWF) which are among the most vulnerable components in the operation of a mine.  The proposed research aims to investigate the potential use of wavelet transforms to decompose deformation time series obtained from the analysis of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry imagery (PSI). The outcomes of this study will potentially find the correlation between the deformation of MWF and external factors such as rainfall, quantitatively measure the components over the total deformation, and predict the behaviour of deformation utilizing Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).


About Confirmation Seminars

The purpose of the confirmation milestone is to ensure that the candidate receives appropriate feedback in relation to the viability and progress of the thesis project and that the resources required to complete the program of research within the recommended timeframe are available. It is also an opportunity to ensure that the candidate has demonstrated the capacity and capability to successfully complete the thesis in a timely manner.