Confirmation seminar presented by Jian Jiang

High structural grades timber (MGP) is widely used in Australian timber residential buildings construction because of its ecological sustainability, low embodied carbon, and affordable economic cost. However, a serious timber shortage arises in the current Australian timber market. It is due to three major factors: minimal investment in new plantation area of commercial logs, climate changes impact to existing plantations, and international supply chain disruption. Thus, this study aims to develop knowledge and strategies that enable better use of lower structural grade (F-grade) sawn timber in timber residential building construction (mainly wall systems consist of common studs and studs supporting concentrated loads).

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About Confirmation Seminars

The purpose of the confirmation milestone is to ensure that the candidate receives appropriate feedback in relation to the viability and progress of the thesis project and that the resources required to complete the program of research within the recommended timeframe are available. It is also an opportunity to ensure that the candidate has demonstrated the capacity and capability to successfully complete the thesis in a timely manner.


Room 78-421 or Zoom