Nowadays, the building industry occupies 40% of energy-related global warming potential (GWP). More than 80% of buildings are demolished after their service life. Demolition wastes are landfilled in the regular practice, which increases the pressure of landfill plant to dispose a large amount of construction waste and miss the opportunity to reduce virgin material input by recycling material at the end-of-life (EOL) stage. Understanding the EOL Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) result at the early stage allows decision-makers to make changes to the waste management plan according to the GWP goal. Coupling Building Information Modelling (BIM) with LCA at the early design phase eases the difficulty of date preparation and provides an opportunity to change the BIM model design. This research aims to automatically integrate BIM and EOL LCA at the early design stage and provide the GWP as one of the design factors for decision-makers. As a result, an environmentally friendly material selection and relatively optimised EOL waste management scenario with lesser carbon emissions are produced;

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About Confirmation Seminars

The purpose of the confirmation milestone is to ensure that the candidate receives appropriate feedback in relation to the viability and progress of the thesis project and that the resources required to complete the program of research within the recommended timeframe are available. It is also an opportunity to ensure that the candidate has demonstrated the capacity and capability to successfully complete the thesis in a timely manner.


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