Students starting 2021 and onward
'Current program'

Below is an example study plan for BE(Hons) and BE/ME programs.

Course replacements

Course codeCourse titleSemester of offerUnitsOld courseFirst offered
CIVL2420Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering22replaces CIVL2410first offered 2022/2
CIVL3155Hydrology and Free Surface Flows22replaces CIVL3140first offered 2022/2
CIVL3220Rock Mechanics22replaces MINE3121first offered 2023/2
CIVL3360Reinforced Concrete Design22replaces CIVL2360first offered 2022/2
CIVL3380Structural Steel Design12replaces CIVL2340first offered 2023/1
CIVL3390Integrated Structural Design22replaces CIVL3350first offered 2023/2
CIVL3520Project Management and Professional Practice22replaces CIVL3510first offered 2023/2
ENVE3150Environmental Systems Dynamics & Modelling22replaces CIVL3150first offered 2021/2
CIVL4145Groundwater Modelling and Management22replaces CIVL4140first offered 2022/2
CIVL4525Sustainable Infrastructure Design22replaces CIVL4180first offered 2023/2
CIVL4600Research Project1+22replaces CIVL4560first offered 2023/1
CIVL4604Research Thesis1-24replaces CIVL4583first offered 2023/1
CIVL4606Research Thesis2-14replaces CIVL4584first offered 2023/2
CIVL6111Ocean, Coastal and Estuarine Engineering22replaces CIVL4110first offered 2023/2
CIVL6112Hydro and Marine Power Renewable Energy Systems22replaces CIVL4110first offered 2023/2
CIVL6121Environmental Hydraulics and Flood Management12replaces CIVL4120first offered 2023/1
CIVL6210Dam Engineering22replaces CIVL7225first offered 2023/2
CIVL6215Ground Improvement12replaces CIVL7215first offered 2023/1
CIVL6220Tailings Design12replaces MINE4000first offered 2023/1
CIVL6250Underground Structures22replaces CIVL7235first offered 2024/2
CIVL6360Advanced Structural Analysis22replaces CIVL4332first offered 2023/2
CIVL6415Traffic Analysis and Simulation22replaces CIVL7435first offered 2023/2

Students starting 2020 or before
'2017-2020 program'

Below is a list of example programs and summaries for the pre-2021 BE programs.
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

2021 BE program structure changes

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Master of Engineering

2021 BE/ME program structure changes

Dual Program examples

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) 2+2

If you have any questions relating to these plans or your own study plan, please contact an academic advisor.