Engineering postgraduate coursework programs at UQ enable professional engineers to develop advanced, practical skills in specialised fields and to cross interdisciplinary boundaries.


Coursework Research Projects

For a complete list of all Civil Engineering Academics and their research fields. You can contact the Academics directly to ask if they have any suitable projects that you can apply for.

Study Plans

Course Replacements

Course codeCourse titleSemester of offerUnitsOld courseFirst offered
CIVL2420Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering22replaces CIVL2410first offered 2022/2
CIVL3155Hydrology and Free Surface Flows22replaces CIVL3140first offered 2022/2
CIVL3220Rock Mechanics22replaces MINE3121first offered 2023/2
CIVL3360Reinforced Concrete Design22replaces CIVL2360first offered 2022/2
CIVL3380Structural Steel Design12replaces CIVL2340first offered 2023/1
CIVL3390Integrated Structural Design22replaces CIVL3350first offered 2023/2
CIVL3520Project Management and Professional Practice22replaces CIVL3510first offered 2023/2
ENVE3150Environmental Systems Dynamics & Modelling22replaces CIVL3150first offered 2021/2
CIVL4145Groundwater Modelling and Management22replaces CIVL4140first offered 2022/2
CIVL4525Sustainable Infrastructure Design22replaces CIVL4180first offered 2023/2
CIVL4600Research Project1+22replaces CIVL4560first offered 2023/1
CIVL4604Research Thesis1-24replaces CIVL4583first offered 2023/1
CIVL4606Research Thesis2-14replaces CIVL4584first offered 2023/2
CIVL6111Ocean, Coastal and Estuarine Engineering22replaces CIVL4110first offered 2023/2
CIVL6112Hydro and Marine Power Renewable Energy Systems22replaces CIVL4110first offered 2023/2
CIVL6121Environmental Hydraulics and Flood Management12replaces CIVL4120first offered 2023/1
CIVL6210Dam Engineering22replaces CIVL7225first offered 2023/2
CIVL6215Ground Improvement12replaces CIVL7215first offered 2023/1
CIVL6220Tailings Design12replaces MINE4000first offered 2023/1
CIVL6250Underground Structures22replaces CIVL7235first offered 2024/2
CIVL6360Advanced Structural Analysis22replaces CIVL4332first offered 2023/2
CIVL6415Traffic Analysis and Simulation22replaces CIVL7435first offered 2023/2