The below list shows incompatibles for civil courses. You cannot get credit for a course if you have already completed the incompatible course. If you require assistance with course selection, please contact your academic advisor:

Undergraduate programs:            
Postgraduate programs:

Course CodeCourse TitleSemCourse Incompatibles
ENGG1100Professional Engineering1 and 2ENGG1000, ENGG1211
ENGG1700Statics, Materials1 and 2ENGG1010, ENGG1400
CIVL2131Environmental Fluid Mechanics1CIVL3130
CIVL2135Introduction to Environmental Engineering1CIVL2130
CIVL2210Soil Mechanics2 
CIVL2330Structural Mechanics1 
CIVL2420Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering2CIVL2410, CIVL3420
CIVL2530Statistics, Data Analysis1STAT2201, STAT1201, STAT1301, STAT2203, ENVM2000
CIVL3155Hydrology, Free Surface Flows2CIVL3120, CIVL2140, CIVL3140, CIVL3141, CIVL3110
CIVL3210Geotechnical Engineering1 
CIVL3220Rock Mechanics2MINE3121
CIVL3340Structural Analysis1 
CIVL3360Reinforced Concrete Design2CIVL2360
CIVL3380Structural Steel Design1CIVL2340
CIVL3390Integrated Structural Design2CIVL3350, CIVL4514 (pre-2024)
CIVL3430Sustainable Transport Engineering - Planning, Design1CIVL4410, CIVL3420
CIVL3520Project Management, Professional Practice2CIVL4520, CIVL3510, ENGG4900, ENGG4901, ENGG4902
CIVL3530Data Analytics in Civil Engineering1 
ENVE3150Environmental Systems Dynamics, Modelling2CIVL3150
ENVE3160Environmental Phenomena1 
FIRE3700Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering1ENGG3700
CIVL4145Groundwater Modelling, Management2CIVL4140
CIVL4170Risk Analysis in Civil Engineering1CHEE4002
CIVL4230Advanced Soil Mechanics2 
CIVL4270Geotechnical Investigation1 
CIVL4280Applied Rock Mechanics2 
CIVL4333Advanced Concrete Design1CIVL4330, CIVL4331
CIVL4334Design of Timber Structures2 
CIVL4340Wind Engineering1 
CIVL4450Traffic Flow Theory, Emerging Technologies2 
CIVL4460Highway Geometric Design2 
CIVL4516Integrated Design for Environmental Management2CIVL4510, CIVL4530, CIVL4513, CIVL4511, CIVL4512
CIVL4518Integrated Design for the Built Environment2CIVL4514
CIVL4522Analytical Methods for the Design of Construction Operations2CIVL4520
CIVL4525Sustainable Infrastructure Design2CIVL4180
CIVL4600Research Project1 and 2CIVL4560, CIVL4583, CIVL4584, CIVL4604, CIVL4606
CIVL4604Research Thesis1+2CIVL4560, CIVL4580, CIVL4583, CIVL4584, CIVL4600
CIVL4606Research Thesis2+1CIVL4560, CIVL4580, CIVL4583, CIVL4584, CIVL4600, CIVL4604, CIVL4605
CIVL4999Special Topics in Civil Engineering1 and 2 
FIRE4610Fire Engineering Design: Solutions for Implicit Safety1 
CIVL6111Ocean, Coastal, Estuarine Engineering2CIVL4111
CIVL6112Hydro, Marine Power Renewable Energy Systems2CIVL4112
CIVL6121Environmental Hydraulics, Flood Management1CIVL4121
CIVL6210Dam Engineering2CIVL7225
CIVL6215Ground Improvement1CIVL7215
CIVL6220Mine Waste Management1MINE4000
CIVL6250Underground Structures2CIVL7235
CIVL6360Advanced Structural Analysis2 
CIVL6410Transport Network Modelling1 
CIVL6415Traffic Analysis, Simulation2CIVL7435
CIVL7131Urban Hydrology1 
CIVL7315Advanced Concrete Structures, Concrete Technology2 
CIVL7360Computational Design, Digital Workflows2 
CIVL7415Spatial, Quantitative Methods for Transport Data Analytics1 
CIVL7500Research Thesis1+2 
CIVL7501Research Thesis2+1 
CIVL7513Research Project1+2 
CIVL7514Research Project2+1 
CIVL7515Research Project1 and 2CIVL7511, CIVL7512, CIVL7513, CIVL7514
CIVL7603Special Topics in Civil Engineering1 and 2 
ENGG7518Research Methods for Engineers2CIVL7505
ENGG7701Engineering Grand Challenges2 
FIRE7600Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering1FIRE3700, ENGG3700
FIRE7620Fire Dynamics2 
FIRE7640Fire Dynamics Laboratory2 
FIRE7660Structural Fire Engineering1 
FIRE7680Fire Engineering Design: Explicit Quantification of Safety2 

CIVL3140, CIVL3141 and CIVL3155            

Students in pre-2021 BE (or dual) program who have only done one of CIVL3140/3141 need to do CIVL3155.              
CIVL3510, CIVL3520 and ENGG4900, ENGG4901, ENGG4902

Students in pre-2021 BE (or dual) program need to complete ENGG4900 and cannot enrol in CIVL3520. Students must enrol in a B2 elective (which can also be any level 4 or greater course of the Civil Eng Adv Elective on the new program) in lieu of CIVL3510.            

Students who transferred to the new BE (or dual) program and have completed ENGG4900 or ENGG4901 or ENGG4902 and CIVL3510 will be granted credit for CIVL3520 + B2 elective.            
CIVL4514, CIVL4516 and CIVL4518            

Students in the pre-2021 BE (or dual) need to complete CIVL4514 and CIVL4516. If you haven't already completed CIVL4514, contact the Civil student admin team at to get permission to enrol in CIVL4518.

Students in the new BE (or dual) program need to choose from CIVL4516 and CIVL4518.