Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will not be permitted. Any attempted use of AI may constitute student misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct. Where the use of AI is permitted in an assessment, this will be noted in individual assessment items.

Credit for Prior Attempts

Credit for prior attempts at the same course is not permitted.

Effort vs Achievement and Assessment

The School of Civil Engineering rewards achievement and proficiency in the skills relevant to a particular course. This is in alignment with criterion-based assessment as used at the University of Queensland. Effort on the part of students is required to attain the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to be able to demonstrate achievement and proficiency in the learning objectives of particular courses. Students should not, however, assume that effort and achievement are equal. Effort and achievement are not equivalent. Assessment does not reward effort, it measures and rewards achievement against the course criteria.  


Moderation of marking is a policy requirement of The University. Marks, whether raw, scaled, and/or aggregated, serve only as aids for the Course Coordinator in determining assessment scores, course grades and feedback. Therefore, the standard UQ percentage cutoffs for grades may be adjusted. The decision to change cutoffs is not taken lightly and proposed changes will be discussed and approved by the teaching team, SoCE Director of the Teaching and Learning Committee and/or the Chief Examiner in accordance with UQ Policy. 

Recording of Assessment

Oral presentations and assessments will be recorded for re-mark purposes.

Supplementary Assessment

If you received a grade of 3 you may be eligible for a supplementary assessment. Supplementary assessment can take any form, for example, an oral or a written exam/report which will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Students who are granted a supplementary assessment must obtain a minimum of 50% in the supplementary assessment to pass the course.