This webpage covers research projects (RP) and research thesis (RT) courses for coursework students. If you are a HDR student, please click here.

1. Brief Information

First, please understand the differences between a Research Project (RP) course and a Research Thesis (RT) course before enrolling. In summary:

  • RP (projects): you can enrol right away without requesting permission by simply adding the course to your enrolment.
  • RT (thesis): you need to apply for approval by sending an email using the template shown below under the subsection Permission to enrol.

Second, further to the difference between RP and RT, note that the number of units varies from 2, 4, and 8. Therefore, you must select the correct course code appropriate to your studies. In summary (see course codes in the table below):

  • Two-unit courses: Run over one single semester, and you enrol just once
  • Four-unit courses: Run over two semesters (full year), and you must enrol in the same course code for each semester
  • Eight-unit courses: Run over two semesters (full year), and you must enrol in the same course code for each semester

2. Permission to enrol in research theses (RT) course

The pre-requisite requirement to enrol in a thesis course is:

  • CIVL4604 + CIVL4606 – requires cumulative GPA of 4.8 or higher
    CIVL7500 + CIVL7501 – requires cumulative GPA of 5.0 or higher

This will be checked when you submit your request. You must use the email template below to request permission. Make sure to replace [xxxx] with your data.

Dear Officer,
I want to apply for permission to enrol in a Research Thesis (RT) program under the code CIVL[xxxx].
My full name is: [xxxx]
My student number is: [xxxx]
Kind regards,

Send your email to 

Permission can only be granted after grades have been released in the current semester.

3. Project selection

Third, please browse our list of available research topics under EAIT Research Topics to find a topic of your interest. You can choose up to five (5) projects. You will be allocated based on your preference and academic supervision load. Allocations will be on a first-in, first-served basis.

Alternatively, if you have already secured a supervisor and project, please complete the Coursework Project Agreement form and forward the written endorsement from your supervisor to You will need to quote the reference number of the email into the form.

Upon approval, you will receive an email confirming which project and supervisor you have been allocated. Afterwards, you will need to get the written endorsement of your supervisor and complete the Coursework Project Agreement form.


Course commencing Semester 1

Course commencing Semester 2

Course Units

BE (and duals)

CIVL4600 Research Project (single semester)CIVL4600 Research Project (single semester)


BE (and duals)

CIVL4604 Research Thesis (full year)CIVL4606 Research Thesis (full year)


BE/ME (Civil)

BE/ME (Civil & Environmental)

CIVL7500 Research Thesis (full year)

CIVL7501 Research Thesis (full year)

ENGG7292 Engineering Placement B (single semester)!


MCivEng (Professional)

ME (Civil)

MEngSc (Civil)

MEngSc/Management (Civil)

MEngSc (Fire Safety)

CIVL7513 Research Project (full year)

CIVL7515 Research Project (single semester)

CIVL7514 Research Project (full year)

CIVL7515 Research Project (single semester)


*pre-2024 Masters students can still enrol in the 8-unit courses

ENGG7292 is completed in semester 2 of 4th year for BE/ME students. This is the only course enrolment for the semester. Students need to contact EAIT Employability ( to make arrangements for suitable placements in the semester prior to their required placement semester.

View the full list of Project offerings on the EAIT Projects webpage