All details concerning the requirements and coordination for HDR Progress Reviews can be found at:

All candidates will be required to follow the progress review procedure from RQ3 2022. Up until the end of RQ2 candidates have the option of following the legacy Candidate Milestone process as summarised below.

School of Civil Engineering reference document:

Civil Engineering Milestone Guidelines

As part of your candidature, you will need to complete three milestones before you submit your thesis:

  • Confirmation of Candidature
  • Mid-candidature Review
  • Thesis Review

Action required by candidate:

Log onto mySI-net ( using your student username (s4******) and password, and confirm the following:

  • Your milestone due date and advisory team (Research 'Tab' - Candidature)
  • Your thesis title (Research 'Tab' - Thesis Details)
  • Complete the Research & Integrity Module. You only need to do this once during your candidature

Confirm the date you are will undertake your milestone to, or submit a request for extension in the HDR Candidature Management Portal if you are unable to complete the milestone by the due date.

At least two weeks prior to your milestone:

Action required by advisor:

At least two months prior to seminar:

A Review Panel of at least three members of the School must be appointed for each candidate; essential members being:

  • Chair of Review Panel (a senior academic with suitable discipline insight who is not involved in the candidate’s research);
  • at least one member of staff who is not a member of the Advisory Team and who has expertise in the general area of the thesis project;
  • a representative student member is optional,
  • discipline experts external to the School are optional.

Confirm time and date of milestone is suitable for all panel members.

Submitting your milestone attainment request

Submit your Request to Attain Milestone in the HDR Candidature Management Portal. Remember to upload your milestone report and completed evaluation form with your request.

Upload with your request:

If you have any further questions, please email

You can also request the following changes through the HDR Candidature Management Portal if required:

Extension of milestone

Milestones are to be completed no later than two weeks after the due date. If you cannot complete the milestone within this time period, please submit an Extension of Milestone request on the HDR Candidature Management Portal for a maximum 3 month extension.

Requests for extension should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to your milestone due date. Generally, only one extension will be approved for a milestone; however, a subsequent extension will be considered on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances only