Entry requirements

Information about the program and entry requirements can be found at https://graduate-school.uq.edu.au/uq-research-degrees

Find a Supervisor

The first step in the application process for a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program is to find a suitable supervisor.

Explore our academics' research profiles to find a supervisor with a similar research interest to you.

Apply online

Once you have selected a supervisor or supervisors, you will need to submit the following documents with your application on the Online Application System (OLA):

  1. A detailed CV including full publication record with URLs/links and journal ISSN to each publication (if applicable)

  2. An electronic copy of your academic transcripts (bachelor, masters and PhD) and graduation certificates or diplomas. For transcripts in a language other than English, you will need to provide a copy of the certified translation. This should also include the grading scheme for the results. (This is not required if you completed your degree/s at UQ)

  3. If from a non-English speaking country, provide evidence of English language proficiency

  4. A research proposal (DOCX, 36.1 KB) may be requested

  5. Your School-based PhD or MPhil Scholarship Application form (PDF, 117.5 KB)if you are applying for a School of Civil Engineering Scholarship. Please check our Higher Degree by Research page for our currently advertised scholarships.

  6. Official proof of citizenship/permanent residency (for domestic applicants only)

Your application will only be assessed if all of the required documents have been submitted. If your requested documents, including referee reports, haven't been received after two reminders, your application will be withdrawn.

Sanctions apply to some countries. Please check to see if your country is listed: https://graduate-school.uq.edu.au/un-and-australian-autonomous-sanctions

Intellectual property agreement

In order to be admitted to your program, it is a requirement that you assign intellectual property created in your HDR program to the University of Queensland. You will need to sign an Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement after you have been issued an offer of admission and before commencing your Higher Degree by Research studies at The University of Queensland. For further information and to download the Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA) form, kindly refer to https://graduate-school.uq.edu.au/intellectual-property. We encourage you to seek independent legal advice concerning this matter.

Referee Report

We will also need to receive referee reports from your two nominated referees. Your referees will receive an email asking them to complete the referee report online. If there is a problem, there is currently a paper form they can complete; however, it is strongly preferred that the online form be completed. If using the paper form, please complete the Applicant's Details (including your student number from your Online Application) and the School/Institute Details on the referee report form (DOCX, 45.3 KB). The UQ School contact person is Julie Birch, email hdr.civileng@enquire.uq.edu.au. The UQ Principal Advisor is your proposed supervisor. Your referee must complete the rest of the referee report, then email it to hdr.civileng@enquire.uq.edu.au.

Due dates to submit your application

International students


  • Self-funded
  • External scholarship
  • School-based scholarship

UQ scholarship round

RQ1 – January

1st September

1st July

RQ2 – April

1st December


RQ3 – July

1st March

27th January

RQ4 - October

1st June


Domestic students


  • Self-funded
  • External scholarship
  • School-based scholarship

UQ scholarship round

RQ1 – January

1st November

16th September

RQ2 – April

1st February


RQ3 – July

1st May

21st April

RQ4 - October

1st August


CSC applications

Details and dates regarding applications for the Chinese Scholarship Council scholarship and associated UQ tuition fee scholarship can be found at https://scholarships.uq.edu.au/csc.

External Scholarships

If you are applying for a scholarship from your home country, please let us know the closing date of applications so we are aware of when you require your offer letter.

Commencement Dates

When completing your application, you will need to indicate which Research Quarter (RQ) you want to commence.

Commencement dates for Research Quarters (RQ) for international students are:

  • RQ1: 1st – 14th January
  • RQ2: 1st – 14th April
  • RQ3: 1st – 14th July
  • RQ4: 1st – 14th October

Commencement dates for Research Quarters (RQ) for domestic students are:

  • RQ1: 1st January – 1st February
  • RQ2: 1st April – 1st May
  • RQ3: 1st July – 1st August
  • RQ4: 1st October – 1st November