Researcher biography

Dr Denys Villa-Gomez is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Civil Engineering. She obtained her PhD at the Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE), The Netherlands in 2013. Before joining UQ, she was docent of the at the National Polytechnic Institute (UPIIZ-IPN), Mexico, where she developed BSc courses for the careers in environmental engineering and food engineering bioprocess. She leads research in the area of environmental engineering, focusing on the development of sustainable technologies for the treatment and recovery of valuable resources from wastewater and solid waste, where she works with METS sector and government stakeholders. Her topics of interest include circular economy, extraction of critical metals through biotechnology processes, anaerobic digestion for extraction of bioenergy and high-value compounds, waste/wastewater treatment, optimization of bioreactors systems, use of genomics and proteomics tools for improving bioengineered systems. Denys has published over 35 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in high impact factor journals and has expert and advisor roles such as Editor in leading journals and member of scientific committees.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Course coordinator and lecturer in Modelling of Environmental Systems (CIVL3150)
  • Lecturer in Integrated Design for Environmental Management (CIVL4516)
  • Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environment (CIVL4180)