Researcher biography

Dr Jurij Karlovsek's area of expertise is in Geotechnical Engineering, where he conducts research and educates the new generation of engineers.

  • Infrastructure Projects (Sustainable Underground Space development - Tunnelling),
  • Information Modelling (BIM in Tunnelling - IFCTunnel, Constructability and Lifecycle Analysis), and
  • Non-Destructive and Spacial techniques (Integrity and localisation - GPR, SLAM, LiDAR and InSAR).

Dr Jurij Karlovsek is an EAIT Faculty Lead at the Sustainable Infrastructure Research Hub in collaboration with the BEL Faculty. In addition, he is the co-founder and area lead at the Infrastructure CoLab.

At the School of Civil Engineering (SoCE) is the course coordinator of:

At the corporate level, Dr Karlovsek engages with the community by creating and implementing associations that seek to inform, educate and empower young professional engineers. Currently, Dr Karlovsek holds the position as an Animator (Chair) of International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) Working Group 22 – Information modelling in Tunnelling (BIM in Tunnelling) and a committee member at BrisBIM – Digital Community Group Queensland. Dr Karlovsek is an active member of the National Committee of the Australian Tunnelling Society (ATS) and the Australian Shotcrete Society National Committee.

In addition to the above, Dr Karlovsek actively engages in the mentorship of undergraduate and postgraduate students, in supporting their research, industry engagement activities, and in general helping to make their experience as students a more enriched and profitable one.

Areas of research