Ove Arup Foundation workshop

The University of Queensland's School of Civil Engineering, in association with the Ove Arup Foundation, hosts an annual workshop to discuss issues of importance facing the civil engineering profession.

For each workshop, six international and interdisciplinary experts participate in an intense three day discussion where the panellists engage with UQ students, staff, and practicing engineers. This is followed followed by a public keynote presentation and an open panel discussion, during which the audience will be invited to participate.

The Ove Arup Foundation

The Ove Arup Foundation strongly believes in the multi-disciplinary nature of design in engineering and architecture, with Ove famously pioneering a holistic approach to project design throughout his career. In acknowledgement of this approach and of his contribution to the field over many decades, the Ove Arup Foundation is committed to promoting new thinking in education to improve the engineering profession.

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The road to the 2016 workshop

Professor Jose Torero gives a brief history of the 2011-2015 Workshops and the discussion that has led to the 2016 Workshop on 'Disruptive Models of Engineering Education'.

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UQ Ove Arup Foundation workshop white paper

Download the UQ Ove Arup Foundation Workshop White Paper (PDF, 288.1 KB) to read more about the insights discussed during the three workshops.

Previous workshops

The topic of the 2016 workshop was Disruptive models of engineering education. International experts were joined by industry representatives from Arup, the UQ Civil Engineering Head of School, UQ academics, graduates and undergraduate students.
The topic of the 2015 workshop was The social education of engineers. International experts were joined by industry representatives and UQ academics, graduates and undergraduate students to discuss the the role of engineering education in realising social and economic innovation.
The 2014 workshop topic was From constraint to innovation. International experts, UQ academics and graduates convened to debate social and technological incentives and barriers that lead to the repression of innovation and the introduction of constraints into the development of infrastructure.