Ove Arup Foundation workshop 2015

The social education of engineers

On 18-20 November 2015, six international experts convened to discuss the the role of engineering education in realising social and economic innovation.

It was followed by a keynote address by Professor Alan Cheville.

Alan Cheville

Alan Cheville, Bucknell University

Alan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Department Chair at Bucknell University. He has extensive work in engineering education including as program director for the US National Science Foundation Engineering Education Program. Alan’s current research interests is in major curricular reform supporting teamwork and peer evaluation, and the transitioning of courses from being knowledge-based to experience-based.

Nick Tyler

Nick Tyler, University College London

Nick is a Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the UCL CRUCIBLE Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in for Lifelong Health & Wellbeing. He was previously head of the Department and oversaw fundamental renewal of UCL's civil and environmental teaching programmes.

Caroline Baillie

Caroline Baillie, University of Western Australia

Caroline is Chair of Engineering Education at UWA. She works at the intersection of materials engineering, education, and social science to understand ways in which engineering can help to create solutions for the environment as well as social problems. She is a founder of the not for profit organisation, Waste for Life.

Scott Knowles

Scott Knowles, Drexel University

Scott Knowles is Department Head for History at Drexel University. He is active in the Philadelphia historical community and numerous domestic and international disaster and risk research initiatives. His interests include how modern cities, technology, and public policy affect and respond to disaster and risk.

Marie Paretti

Marie Paretti, Virginia Tech

Marie is Co-Director of the Virginia Tech Engineering Communication Center and Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Engineering Education. Her interests include engineering, design, and interdisciplinary communication and is widely published in journals of engineering education, psychology, and professional communication.

Jan (Erik) Meyer

Jan (Erik) Meyer, University of Queensland

Erik is a Professor of Education in the School of Civil Engineering and is a founding theoretician of the study of 'threshold concepts', which are concepts that once understood, transform perception of a given subject. This study has been widely explored across a variety of disciplines and learning contexts.

The international experts listed above were joined by industry representatives from Arup (Peter Burnton and Michael Hanbury), the UQ Head of School Jose Torero, academics (Angus Law, Joe Gattas, Carl Sherwood, Alistair Grinhan, Kevin Sevilla, and Sara Adhitya), and graduate and undergraduate students (Richard Emberley, Danielle Lester, Tom Thorne, and Pratvi Patel).


The videos below summarise the activities of the workshop.

Workshop Summary Video (7 minutes):

Workshop Summary Video (30 minutes):

Keynote Address: