Engagement Committee

Director - Dr Matthew Mason (also Marketing and Communications)

Membership of this committee:

The Secretary for correspondence is currently Ms Selina Weller

Industry Advisory Board

  • Dr David Finch (Chair), DRAMEK Pty Ltd
  • Dr Torill Pape, Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
  • Ms Hannah Richardson, PSA Consulting
  • Ms Lydia Gentle OAM, BHP
  • Dr Daniyal Mian, ARUP
  • Mr Marco Ficca, ADG Consulting Engineers
  • Dr Trevor Johnson, KTLAR Pty Ltd
  • Ms Brianna Kennedy, Civil Engineering Students Association, (CESA)
  • Prof Tom Baldock, Head of School, Civil Engineering
  • Mr Mark Reedman, School Manager, Civil Engineering
  • Dr Jurij Karlovsek, Engagement Liaison, Civil Engineering

The Secretary for correspondence is School Manager

Terms of Reference (PDF, 118.7 KB)

Health, Safety and Wellness Committee

Chair - Amy Thams (School Manager)

  • Ryan Anderson (EAIT HSW & Facilities Manager)
  • Jeronimo Carrascal (Lab Manager)
  • TBA (Technical Staff)
  • Markus Fluggen (Lab Manager)
  • Alistair Grinham (Academic Staff)
  • Cindy Mossop (EAIT HSW Coordinator)
  • Carlo Prato (Interim Head of School)
  • Sebastian Quintero (Lab Manager)
  • Fraser Reid (Senior Laboratory Manager)
  • Shane Walker (Civil WHSC and Committee Secretary)

The secretary for correspondence is Mr Shane Walker

Terms of Reference (PDF, 130.4 KB)

Civil Occupational Health and Safety

Promotions and Review Committee

Chair - Prof Bill Clarke

Research Committee

Chair - Dr Cristian Maluk

Membership of this committee is:

  • Prof Carlo Prato (Interim Head of School)
  • Prof Mark Hickman (Deputy Post Graduate Coordinator, Transport)
  • Dr David Callaghan (Coastal)
  • Prof Peter Nielsen (Coastal)
  • Dr Alistair Grinham (Environmental)
  • Dr Lisa Ottenhaus (Structural)
  • Dr Mehdi Serati (Geotechnical)
  • A/Prof Alex Scheuermann (Geotechnical) 
  • Md Habibullah Bhuyan (Postdoctoral representative, Geotechnical)
  • Mr Harry Mills (Student representative, Structures)

The Secretary for correspondence is Katie Allan.

Teaching and Learning Committee

Director - Prof. William Clarke

Membership of this committee is:

  • Tom Baldock (HoS)(BE Water + Marine Major Convenor)
  • Remo Cossu (Deputy Director) (Chief Examiner)
  • Vinh Dao (BE/ME Civil Field of Study convenor, BE Civil Specialisation convenor, BE General Civil Major convenor, BE Structural Major convenor)
  • Badin Gibbes (BE/ME Civil + Environmental Field of Study convenor, BE Environmental Major convenor)
  • Jiwon Kim (BE Transport Major convenor)
  • David Lange (MEngSc Fire Safety Field of Study convenor)
  • Alexander Scheuermann (BE Geotechnical Major convenor, BE (civil) Mining Major convenor)
  • Zuduo Zhang (ME Civil Field of Study convenor, MEngSc Civil Field of Study convenor) (ME/MEngSc/MEngSc(Man) Program convenor)
  • David Callaghan (Integrity Officer)
  • Johnny Ho (International Academic Advisor)
  • Liza O'Moore (AD(Academic))
  • Philip Terrill (Deputy ADA, 1st Year)
  • James Hardy (EAIT Teaching & Learning)
  • Archana Ghuge (Library services)
  • Brianna Kennedy (Undergraduate student representative)
  • TBA (Postgraduate coursework student representative)
  • Mark Reedman (School Manager)

The Secretary for correspondence is Mrs Jeannette Watson

School Executive Committee

  • Head of School (Chair) - Professor Tom Baldock
  • School Manager – Mr Mark Reedman
  • Director, Teaching & Learning – Professor William Clarke
  • Director, Research & Innovation – Dr Alistair Grinham
  • Director, Engagement – Dr Matthew Mason
  • Associate Dean (Academic) - A/Prof. Liza O'Moore
  • Director Higher Degree Research – Dr David Lange
  • Deputy Head of School – Mark Hickman