The Icarus Program is a highly successful initiative within the School of Civil Engineering that blends traditional civil engineering learning with small-group interdisciplinary projects, providing an alternative pathway for students whose learning needs and interests extend beyond a traditional classroom environment.

The Icarus Program has three primary goals:

  • to boost undergraduate student interest and experience in diverse and interdisciplinary projects;
  • to foster close collaboration between academic mentors and small groups of students; and
  • to leverage this engagement to elevate student learning pathways, student career outcomes, and UQ’s national and international reputation for producing the leaders of tomorrow.

Icarus is currently being implemented as co-curricular program available by application to 2nd and 3rd year civil engineering students. Once accepted into the program, student learning is developed through highly diverse project activities - as opposed to a traditional ‘lecture-style’ learning environment. The diversity of projects is key to Icarus' success, as students are able to find mentors and activities that align with their interests and motivate them to pursue study in that area. A wide range of projects have seen strong participation from engaged Icarus students, including field work, international exchanges, industry-sponsored competitions, technical conferences, start-up programs, and educational projects.

The Icarus Program is currently coordinated by Dr Joe Gattas. He is happy to answer any questions and can be contacted via