Project name:


UQ investigator:

Prof Amin Abbosh

The FleetVALID research concept is to provide a standards-based radio-frequency ID (RFID) infrastructure for governments to ensure all vehicles on the road are using the road legally and in compliance with the road rules. Such identification and compliance checking can facilitate safer roads and more efficient use of road infrastructure.

The research will create an RFID automated detection solution that can trigger immediate manual intervention by law enforcement agencies for:

A particular focus is the detection avoider, who represents 1% of vehicles but is over 80% of the problem with illegal or non-compliant driving.

A key component of the research is the development of a set of FleetVALID compliant products that integrate with new ITS sensors, existing infrastructure and Internet-of-Things (IoT) methodologies.

FleetVALID project graphic

Product development:

RCsensor: An inroad sensor, currently in the pre-production phase and will soon be ready for pilot deployments

RChub: An RCsensor road side controller prototype which can be used in future pilot deployments

RAIN RFID Number plates: We are collaborating with our international development partners to optimise an RFID number-plate solution

The FleetVALID research project will enable the adoption of these products into existing ITS solutions, current & future Smart Cities and Countries for safer and more efficient transport systems.


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