The cone calorimeter (iCone) allows the behaviour of samples of material to be analysed under a range of heat fluxes.

Analysis of the combustion gases allows a characterisation of the heat release rate of the material. Simultaneous measurement of mass loss and smoke production is also conducted.

The Cone Calorimeter is one of the most extensively used bench scale pieces of equipment in fire testing as, although it has been developed for standardised testing, it can be used to explore a wide range of material behaviours. It is based on the principle of oxygen consumption calorimetry and collects and measures the combustion products of sample materials.

It is used to determine the response of materials exposed to controlled levels of radiant heating, supplied by a conical radiant electric heater. It can test a range of combustible materials such as furniture upholstery, timber, and plastics; it can also be used to test non-combustible products to analyse their reaction to imposed heat flux.

Testing in the Cone Calorimeter can provide results for:

The iCone has been standardised in accordance with ISO 5660, and can run standard tests as per AS/NZS 3837.