Researcher biography

Professor Zuduo Zheng is TAP Chair (Deputy) sponsored by Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, and Professor in the School of Civil Engineering, and a former DECRA Research Fellow sponsored by the Australian Research Council.

His research primarily focuses on:

  1. traffic flow theory, modelling, simulation and optimisation;
  2. understanding emerging, disruptive, and intelligent mobility technologies' impact on traffic efficiency, traffic safety, energy consumption, vehicle emissions, etc.;
  3. developing essential theories, the foundational algorithms and analytics that can seamlessly integrate future mobilities into the existing transportation systems;
  4. establishing a new breed of control strategies tailored to maximise the power of the connected environment and vehicle automation; and
  5. conducting fundamental research on complex systems modeling and the design of adaptable, controllable, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure systems (intelligent transportation systems and smart city in particular).

He is currently listed as the Top 2% of Scientists in Logistics and Transportation by Scopus & Stanford University. He has won many prestigious awards, and serves/served as editor, guest editor or editorial board member of several prestigious journals, including Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Part C, Analytic Methods in Accident Research , IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, etc.

Areas of research