Consultancy is available in the following research areas:

Hydraulic Design:
  • Hydraulic strutures
  • Energy dissipator; Floods; Sediment transport; Spillway; Weirs. More about Timber crib weirs ... 
  • Waterways; Storm waterways; Sewers; 
  • Rubber dams; Diversion weirs; Rockfill channels. More about Rubber dams ... 
  • Water quality.
Spillway Design
  • High-head spillway; Cavitation damage; Aeration slots; Tunnel spillways; Bottom outlets; Energy dissipators. 
  • Stepped spillways; Drop structures; Dropshafts; Stepped cascades; Overflow stepped chutes. 
  • Air entrainment in spillways. More about Air entrainment on chutes spillways ... 
  • Downstream water quality; Disolved oxugen content modelling; Re-oxygenation cascade.
Air-water flows
  • Gas-liquid bubbly flows; Air bubble entrainment. 
  • Plunging jets; Hydraulic jumps; Self-aerated flows; Open channel flows; Water jets. More on Tidal bores ... 
  • Air lift pump design; Air bubble entrainment in sewers, dropshafts,at plunging breaking waves. 
  • Air entrainment in spillway : Flow bulking; Drag reduction; Prevention of cavitation damage; 
  • Air-water gas transfer; Re-oxygenation; Flow aeration.
Engineering Heritage
  • History of dams; Study of old dams; Study of Australian dams; More about  a History of arch dams .... 
  • History of spillways; Australian spillways; Roman spillways; More on Steel dams ... 
  • Spillway refurbishment. 
  • Roman aqueducts; Dropshafts; Steep chutes; Cascades.

Hinze Dam