Project Title: Understand sediment transport in Moreton Bay and the lower Brisbane River

This project aims to develop a sediment transport model for the lower Brisbane River and Moreton Bay to understand siltation impacts on dredge areas; this may allow opportunities to develop initiatives to reduce dredge material. This project is closely aligned with a current PhD topic within the School of Civil Engineering whose focus is on understanding the processes, both natural and anthropogenic, relevant to estuarine sediment transport. The findings from the work are to be incorporated into a 3D modelling platform and the Brisbane River estuary is the field site.

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Project Title: Implement stormwater monitoring networks throughout Port of Brisbane drainage system

In terms of sediment loading the use of turbidity probes as a proxy for sediment concentration is well established, however, instrument costs tend to limit the spatial coverage of monitoring sites. The development of low cost turbidity sensors allows greater spatial coverage for monitoring stormwater events and provides a more confident estimate of sediment concentration during these events which can produce rapid spikes in turbidity.

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