QCIF bridges the gap between researchers and QLD Govt

2 Sep 2020

This article was originally published on Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF).

A University of Queensland research team is using state government bridge data, stored in QCIF’s cloud computer, to develop a new computational tool for automated generation of bridge information and analysis models.

Project lead Dr Joe Gattas, a Senior Lecturer in UQ’s School of Civil Engineering, said the tool will enable more information to be available for quicker and closer analysis.

“This project will provide a higher level of confidence to bridge engineers and network owners in the data used for design, construction, operation and monitoring of bridge assets,” he said.

Joe acknowledged the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) had a sophisticated database but that his project, which began in January 2020, aimed to improve the reliability and usability of bridge asset 3D point cloud data records.

“We are finding new ways to collect and analyse point cloud data throughout the entire lifecycle of bridge assets, giving new insight into their current and future performance. This will lead ultimately to better decisions in road infrastructure.”