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Name Email Affiliation Position Research Topics  
Dr Adrien Guyot Monash University, Australia UQ Honorary Fellow Micrometeorology, Ecohydrology, Groundwater - Atmosphere interactions, water management Adrien Guyot
Dr Michael Heitzmann School of Mechanical and Mining, UQ Senior Lecturer Composite materials Michael Heitzmann


Master students

Name Email Course/Program Advisor Research Project  
Mr Madhav Deepak BE-ME Dr Cristian Maluk Adhesives used in Laminated Timber at Elevated Temperatures placeholder image
Ms Liane Lagahit BE-ME     placeholder image
Mr Joe Punnen BE-ME     placeholder image
Mr Ashley Schirmer BE-ME     Ashmey Schirmer
Ms Maryam Javidnejad MEngSc Dr Juan Hidalgo Heat transfer modelling for contemporary timber structures in open-plan compartment fires Ms Maryam Javidnejad
Mr Alister Curtain MEngSc     Alister Curtain




Name Graduation Thesis Now at  
Dr Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez December 2020 Fire analysis of load-bearing bamboo structures CLTP Tasmania Mateo Gutieerez Gonalez
Dr Andrea Lucherini December 2020 Fundamentals of thin intumescent coatings for the design of fire-safe structures Ghent University, Belgium Andrea Lucherini
Dr Angela Solarte December 2020 Fire Performance Assessment for the Design of Safe Bamboo Structures RED Fire Engineers, Melbourne Angela Solarte
Dr Aaron Bolanos July 2020 Fire and structural performance of Structural Insulated Panels RED Fire Engineers, Melbourne Aaron Bolanos
Dr Carmen Gorska July 2020 Fire dynamics in multi-scale timber compartments Stora Enso, UK Carmen Gorska
Dr Quang Le July 2020 Understanding the performance of structural elements at elevated temperatures: a case study of profiled composite walls RED Fire Engineers, Melbourne Quang Le
Dr Paneni Carlo (MPhil) July 2019 Development of fire engineering solutions for modular construction Ausco Modular, Brisbane placeholder image
Dr Gerardo Soret December 2018 Building design optimization: Integration of thermal and fire performance Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Brisbane Gerardo Soret
Dr Richard Emberley December 2016 Fundamentals for the fire design of cross laminated timber buildings California Polytechnic State University, US Richard Emberley

BE(Hons)/ME (Civil+Fire)


Name Graduation Thesis Now at
Mr Brett McGiveron December 2020 Fire performance assessment of native Australian wood species Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Ms Ambrosine Hartl December 2020 Comparative Fire Study Between Plasterboard and Intumescent Coatings Used in Mass Timber Structures Arup, Melbourne
Mr Michael Cheung December 2020 Adhesives used in Laminated Timber at Elevated Temperatures Innova Services, Brisbane
Ms Jessica Barton December 2020 Fire Service Fatalities during Wildland Fires in Australia: A review of case studies WSP, Brisbane
Ms Angela Arum December 2020 Study of the char fall-off phenomenon in Cross-laminated Timber under fire conditions Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Aayush Sharma December 2019 Study on the Thermal Properties of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures Fire Check Consultants, Brisbane
Mr Thomas Thorne July 2019 Mechanisms of Fire-Induced Concrete Spalling Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Andy Wong July 2019 Biomimetic Approach to Timber and Treatments for Fire Performance Arup, Sydney
Mr Aidon Browning December 2018 The Effect of Fuel Load Nature on the Self-Extinction of Mass Timber Holmes Fire, Brisbane
Mr Brendan Garvey December 2018 Experimental study on the interaction of cladding materials in the fire performance of facades Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Tristan Goode December 2018 Characterisation of the ‘Malveira Fire Test’ WalkerBai Consulting, Brisbane
Ms Sohan Roopra December 2018 A composite FRP-Glulam beam with enhanced fire performance - Effects of depth Arup, Brisbane
Ms Teagan MacDonald December 2017 Fire Exposure of Façades in Cross-Laminated Timber Buildings Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Joshua Madden December 2017 Mechanical Properties of Bamboo at Elevated Temperatures WSP, Brisbane
Mr Joshua Ogilvie December 2017 Fire Performance of ACP Panels WSP, Brisbane
Dr Jupiter Segall-Brown December 2017 Behaviour of intumescent coatings under a range of fire conditions Arup, Sydney
Mr Luke Thompson December 2017 Design Fires for Large Artificial Christmas Trees RED Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Harrison Wall December 2017 Proof-Of-Concept For A Fire Safe Timber-FRP Composite Load-Bearing System Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Mr Nicholas White December 2017 An Analysis of the Energy Distribution within Open-Plan Compartment Fire Snap Fire Systems, Brisbane



Name Graduation Thesis Now at
Mr Bernabe Zaragoza Solis December 2020 Finite Element Modelling of a Timber-FRP Hybrid Beam  
Mr Sai Murugan Pandit July 2020 On the importance of transport and eating habits for personal health  
Mr Wenxuan Wu July 2020 Exploring the Advantages and Limitations to using a new “Rules of Thumb” method in Structural Fire Engineering PhD candidate at UQ
Mr Samuel Nothard December 2019 Traveling Fires in Open Plan Compartments with Mass Timber Lining Fire Check Consultants, Brisbane


International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering - completed research thesis at UQ

Name Graduation Thesis Now at
Mr Waqas Haider July 2020 Response of Tall Building Diagrid Structure to Intermediate and Mega Floor Fire Design Fire Consultants, UK
Ms Laura Schmidt July 2020 Experimental Study on the Effect of Char Fall Off on the Heat Transfer within Loaded Cross- laminated Timber Columns Exposed to Radiant Heating WSP, Brisbane
Mr Andrei Lazouski July 2019 Influence of sustained stress and heating conditions on the occurrence of fire-induced concrete spalling IGnesis Consultants, Singapore
Mr Nemer Abusamha July 2017 Effectivness of Activation for Thin Intumescent Coatings PhD candidate at Institut national de la recherche agronomique, France
Ms Pascale Vacca July 2017 Optimised fire safe and energy efficient design of insulated assemblies using a multi-criteria approach PhD candidate at Centre d'Estudis del Risc Tecnològic (CERTEC), Spain
Mr Rukesh Shilpakar July 2016 Heat-Induced Delamination of Laminated Timber  
Mr Daan Van den Broecke July 2016 Study on the Effectiveness of Sprinklers in Tunnels FM Global, Belgium
Mr Arne Inghelbrecht July 2014 Evaluation of the burning behaviour of wood products in the context of structural fire design Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent, Belgium


MEngSc(Civil) - completed research thesis in Fire

Name Graduation Thesis Now at
Ms Diana Bejarano July 2020 Fire Performance of Intumescent Coatings upon Hindered Swelling PhD candidate at UQ
Ms Chandra Wemy Kurniawan July 2020 Fire Spread Modes in Open-Plan Compartment Fires: Effect of Combustible Ceilings  
Mr Pranoy Chowdhury December 2019 Experimental Study of the Char Fall-Off Phenomenon for CLT during Fire Sotera, Brisbane
Mr Manikandan Iyngaran December 2019 Calibration of a Sensor for Measuring Moisture Inside Concrete during Fire Fire Engineers Australia, Brisbane
Mr Camilo Montoya Giraldo December 2019 Experimental Study of Concrete Elements Exposed to Travelling Fires RED Fire Engineers, Brisbane
Ms Don Ranasinghe December 2019 Response of Tall Building Diagrid Structures to Fire  
Mr Tengzheng Zhang December 2019 Influence of Heating Conditions and Aggregate Type on the Mechanical Behaviour of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures  


BEng(Hons) - completed research project in Fire

Name Graduation Final Year Research Project Now at
Ms Brooke Young July 2020 Resilience of communities exposed to fire Ernst and Young, Brisbane
Ms Tam Do December 2019 Preparation and characterisation of Aluminium Composite Panels with different fire retardant loadings  
Ms Rebekah Gresham December 2019 Regression and Charring Rate of Timber under Natural Fire Exposure Arup, Brisbane
Mr Muhamad Mohd Niza December 2019 Evaluating the influence of timber moisture content in the occurrence of self- extinction  
Ms Tess Van de Veen December 2019 Investigation of timber charring rate under high heating conditions Arup, Melbourne
Mr Lachlan Knight July 2019 Improved accuracy for measuring upward flame spread in a cost-effective manner  
Mr Moin Mushfiqur July 2019 Building Survey of Fire Safety Consideration at St. Lucia campus Pensar Infrastructure, Brisbane
Mr Ben Linnan December 2016 Distribution of energy in large compartment Maragi Pty Ltd, Australia


Visiting students, researchers, academics

Name Dates Research at UQ Home Institutions
Ms Sylvie Kunz June 2021 - 2022

Fire characteristics of green roofs

Griffith University, Australia
Ms Laura Schmidt November 2017 Fire Performance of Timber Construction Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Dr Yongliang Yang Dec 2016 - Dec 2017 Smouldering Research China University of Mining and Technology
Mr Igor Wachter Mar - Sep 2017 Self-extinguishment of Timber at Bench- and Medium-Scale Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
Ms Marta Tena Jun - Jul 2017 Study on fire-induced concrete spalling Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain
Mr Jason Tignard Feb - Jul 2017 Occurrence of Heat-Induced Concrete Spalling for under a Range of Heating Conditions Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, France
Mr Rolff Ripke Leisted Jul - Nov 2016 Analyse large-scale fire test data of a experiment investigating the influence of sandwich panels influence in compartment fires Technical University of Denmark
Mr Jose Urgel Jun - Jul 2016 Investigation of bond behaviou at elevated temperature - Fracture energy analysis Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain
Ms Lily Bostrom Oct 2016 - Feb 2016 Assist in various projects in the Fire Laboratory SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden