Coastal engineering - academic staff

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Former research scholars

Below are some of our previous PhD students and their thesis topics.

  • Dr Muhammad Ibrahim (2020): Swash overtopping on plane beaches – reconciling empirical and theoretical scaling laws using the volume flux.
  • Dr Peter Ware (2019): Interaction and growth of low frequency and high frequency wind waves.
  • Dr Jesper Nielsen (2019): Reducing the turbidity of the Brisbane River Estuary, Australia.
  • Dr Amir Hedjripour (2018): Lattice Boltzmann modelling of supercritical shallow water flows.
  • Dr Alexander Atkinson (2018): Laboratory Beach Profile Dynamics and Responses to Changing Water Levels with and without Nourishment.
  • Dr Xinqian Leng (2018): Study of Turbulence: the Unsteady Propagation of Bores and Surges.
  • Dr Gangfu Zhang (2017): Free-Surface Aeration, Turbulence, and Energy Dissipation on Stepped Chutes with Triangular Steps, Chamfered Steps, and Partially Blocked Step Cavities.
  • Dr Theo Moura (2016): Infragravity wave forcing in the surf and swash zone.
  • Dr Tomoko Shimamoto (2016): Beach Recovery and Studies in Accretive Sediment Transport.
  • Dr Mehdi Rezapour (2016): A New Methodology for Classification of Tropical Cyclones: the importance of rainfall.
  • Dr Zhonglian Jiang (2015): Swash zone boundary conditions and direct bed shear stress measurements over loose sediment beds.  
  • Dr Ilya Othman (2014): Influence of grain size on swash zone sediment transport.
  • Dr Hang Wang (2014): Turbulence and Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps.
  • Dr Bruno Simon (2014): Effects of Tidal Bores on Turbulent Mixing: a Numerical and Physical Study in Positive Surges.
  • Dr Nazanin Khezri (2014): Modelling Turbulent Mixing and Sediment Process Beneath Tidal Bores: Physical and Numerical Investigations
  • Dr Behnam Shabani (2013): Nearshore and Surf Zone Wind Stress.
  • Dr Stefan Felder (2013): Air-Water Flow Properties on Stepped Spillways for Embankment Dams: Aeration, Energy Dissipation and Turbulence on Uniform, Non-Uniform and Pooled Stepped Chutes.
  • Dr David Wainwright (2012): Dynamic Modelling of Coastal Lagoon Opening Processes.
  • Dr Hannah Power (2011):  Hydrodynamics of surf and swash on natural beaches. Dean’s award for excellence.
  • Dr Jaya Kumar Seelam (2011): Measurement and Modelling of Bed Shear Induced by Solitary waves. Dean’s award for excellence
  • Dr Kim Son Pham: (2010): Influence of Long Waves and Wave Groups on Swash Zone Sediment Transport
  • Dr Panut Manoonvoravong (2010): Sediment transport and beach morphodynamics induced by long waves
  • Dr Paul Guard (2010): Sheet Flow Sediment Transport and Swash Hydrodynamics
  • Dr Matt Barnes (2009): Measurement and Modelling of swash zone bed shear stress. Dean’s award for excellence
  • Dr Gordon Dalton (2007): Perceptions, performance and economics of renewable energy supply within the Australian tourism industry
  • Dr Matt Tomkins (2007): Hydraulic Sorting of Coastal Heavy Mineral Sands