Aquatic systems research group

The Aquatic Systems Research Group is a multidisciplinary research group that is interested in all aspects of the hydrological cycle with a particular focus on the links between ecosystem health and hydrology.

Our vision

The overarching vision of the Aquatic Systems Research Group is to pursue and promote internationally leading research into the application of a monitoring-modelling-management (M-M-M) framework for the sustainable use of aquatic systems. This M-M-M approach entails the use of innovative environmental monitoring systems in collaboration with numerical modelling tools to better understand the fundamental bio-physical, social and economic factors that are essential for moving towards a more sustainable use of various aquatic systems.

The key driver behind this approach is the need to rapidly provide high quality information to managers and communities to support planning and decision making processes that relate to the use of these aquatic systems and their associated terrestrial catchments.

Postal Address for all staff:

Aquatic Systems Research Group
School of Civil Engineering
The University of Queensland
Advanced Engineering Building (49)
Room 555
Brisbane, QLD 4072

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